Multi-Careerism, Making a Difference, and the Hustle

Oh, Larissa Faw. Thank you for reaffirming my choice to not lock myself in with “one company or career.” And my ridiculous choice to do things like have two blogs on top of a full-time job and an active volunteering schedule.

Thank you for adding another legitimizing voice to the idea that most people in my generation increasingly “aren’t working just to get a paycheck, but to make a difference.” Ross Martin is right, we desperately want to “participate in making changes,” and I’m glad that a publication as weighty as Forbes is throwing that out there for our managers and organizational leadership to see. As you yourself write, “all employers need to realize that side hustles — be they profitable businesses or non-monetary hobbies — are advantageous.”

P.S. You should know that I too struggle with how to prioritize all the pieces of my professional identity on my LinkedIn profile. (More on that in a future post.)

FYI readers: In case you couldn’t tell by now, this article is a must-read for anyone who is still explaining to their parents why they aren’t committing their lifetime to a 9-5 job at a single company. And/or for anyone who generally likes to have reasons to call themselves a hustler, baby.

Special thanks to Scott (who will be leading the Studio Tour at our next event) for pointing this awesome article out to me!

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